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Welcome to Title 1!  
Hi Parent/Guardians!  We are excited to begin another fun-filled school year!
Click below and to the right for other "Parent Resources". We have provided reading ideas and free programs/resources.  These are all easy activities you have access to all school year!
Look below for a list of our Parent Training Workshops - "Raising Readers" we provide throughout the year!  These workshops will give you lots of information and helpful tips/activities to use at home.
Please know we are available via email or message us on our Remind 101 app if you would like any help with reading ideas or book suggestions. Go to "WHP Title 1 Staff" to find your Title 1 Teacher's personal web-page and email.
~Keep reading all summer long,
Mrs. Tommasini, Mrs. Transue, Ms. Balsone
End of Year Title 1 Celebration 23-24
Thank you to all our WHP families that came out to celebrate their hard-working readers this year!  We had a great event full of pizza, games, local libary and commuunity speakers for summer programs, and of course prizes and summer reading bags!  
Check out the pictures below!
Special thanks to:
📚Katie from the Ford City Public Library 
📚Darla from the Kittanning Library
📚Debi from Salvation Army
📚The McMillen Family
📚The Rupp Family
📚West Hills PTO
📚 The Education Partnership 
📚 King's Family Restaurant
📚 Bugsy's Pizza
Remind 101
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EPIC Reading 
Our online reading library where you can read, listen to, and take quizzes on books you read. Keep reading your favorite books all year long!
EPIC log-in: (Click the picture)
Sign in as "student" with the code from your teacher below:
Mrs. Tommasini’s class code: qtr7774

Mrs. Transue’s class code: iyt4402

Mrs. Balsone’s class code: nph3225


EPIC can be used for FREE during school hours 8am-3pm.

What is Title 1?
The Title I Reading Improvement Program is a federally funded project that provides supplemental reading instruction to eligible students beyond what is provided in the classroom.  Title I offers support to eligible children in the primary grades K-3rd. Specific and direct supplemental reading instruction in the skill areas of phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension is offered to students in small group settings. Reading specialists work directly with students to strengthen their reading skills and support children as they become proficient independent readers.  Reading progress is sent home to parents/guardians weekly!  Parents/guardians are encouraged to become involved in the design of the building level Title I Parent Engagement & Involvement Policy/Plan, School-Home compact, and working together with reading specialists to plan parent involvement opportunities including parent trainings throughout the year.  The goal in Title I is to promote positive communication between the home and school and offer plenty of training opportunities.
Parent Resource Center
Title I also offers free resources to all families involved.  Check out our WHP Parent Resource Center in the video below!  Contact your child's Title 1 teacher for a sign out slip if you would like your child to bring home any of these games/activities!!  Our resource center brochure and form are below.
"Raising Readers" - Parent Workshops
"Wonder of Words" Game Night
3:45-4:45pm or 5:30-6:30pm
**If you missed any events, ask us for take-home information or check out the "Parent Resources" section below!**
WHP Parent Training Events 23-24
*Fall Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting*
Meet the Title 1 teachers and receive information
Thursday 10/19/23 5:30pm-6:30pm
Friday 10/20/23 8:00am - 8:45am
"Raising Readers" Parent Training Session #1
"Wonder of Words Game Night" - Word building/Tricky Words
11/15/23  3:45-4:45pm or 5:30-6:30pm
WHP Library
"Raising Readers" Parent Training Session #2
"We Both Read"
"Raising Readers" Parent Training Session #3
End - of - year celebration and activities to share for Summer Reading!
Title 1 Parent Documents
Additional Parent Resources
Parent Newsletters
Get TIPS and IDEAS for fun games and activities to help your child with their reading skills at home!
WHP Reads Across America!
February 26 - March 1st, 2024
Check out the NEW pictures of WHP students reading in many fun places!  Winners of this year's reading slip drawing will be pictured at the bottom.  Thanks to WHP PTO for donations and support this week!
Keep Reading WHP!!