Garden Articulation Game

I am ready to get my garden started!  Are any of you?  Since it is to be SO cold this weekend, keep those little plants inside!  We can play a garden articulation game in the meantime.
I am not a big game player at home.  Guilty!  I get to play games with you all at school!  Here is a quick and easy game working on LOTS of s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends.  All my friends who work on these tricky sounds, you can do this! 
If you do not want to or can not print, you can say your target words and draw a caterpillar (little circles) as you go.  See how long you can make your caterpillar! ;)
For s-blend friends, don't forget to use your "skinny air" sound.  Without it, "stop" turns to "top".
For l-blend friends, lift your tongue for the /l/ sound ("lifter sound")
For r-blend friends,  work REALLY hard to pull the back of the tongue up to that "mushy spot" and don't let those lips round.  :)