Balloons! Receptive and Expressive Language Concepts

Here's a quick activity with lots of good practice!  Practice spatial concepts (above, under, over, beside, in between, in front of, behind, etc.), receptive language (listening comprehension, direction following, etc.), and expressive language (being able to make sentences about the pictures). 
Your child can:
Tell you where the balloon is by answering "where" questions ("Where is the balloon?")
Follow directions to find the correct picture from your description (e.g., "Point to the balloon under the chicken.") 
Describe the picture with a detailed sentence (e.g., "The balloon is between the spiders.")
The end of the file provides a printable portion so your child can place the balloons where the directions state, if you are able to print.  The beginning of the file gives nice non-printable options for practice.  
Have fun!