4/14/20 - Superhero Sentence Comprehension

Since our world is full of superheros (doctors, nurses, hospital staff, nursing home staff, grocery store workers, farmers, truck drivers, factory workers, and so many more) helping us all stay safe and healthy, here is a Superhero Sentence Comprehension activity.  You can read the sentence to your child and ask the question.  We are working on their listening, not their ability to read these.   
Repeat the sentences if needed or give your child  a choice of answers (e.g., hamburger or hot dog). 
If you choose to print it, you can play a matching game with two sheets.  Match the superheros and complete the cards. 
Not able to print or saving ink (I get it!), roll a dice or pull numbers 1-8 written on pieces of paper and go to the card and count to the __ card on that page.  There are 8 pictures per page. 
The attachments on my page below this one have strategies and visuals that can help your child.  Please e-mail me or send me a message on Seesaw with any questions!