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Welcome to West Hills Primary School!    The vision of WHP is to nurture a respectful environment where teachers, along with the community utilize best practices to meet the needs of ALL students, academically, socially, and behaviorally.
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Summer Calendars

Hello everyone! Today is our last day of instruction for the year. Today, I am posting calendars that can be for daily practice (M-F) during the summer months. Each calendar has June, July, and August, with daily activities aimed at what area the students are working on. 
The calendars consist of:
- Articulation
- Social
- Language (Pre-K though 2nd grade; and 3rd through 6th grade)
- Fluency (stuttering)
These calendars are a great way for the kids to stay sharp over the summer months with us (hopefully, please oh please) returning in the Fall. You can find, and download, the calendars here.
I know this has been a hard time for everyone. This time is very uncertain with so much change but I really want to applaud the students, and the parents, for all the hard work they put into making this a great end of the year. It's been tough, and uncomfortable for all, but I've really admired how hard the kids have worked. I really miss you all and can't wait to see all of the smiling faces next school year. 
As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch with me through remind or you can email me. Good luck with everything and stay safe! 
Mr. Riggle 

Spring Listening Activity

Today we have a listening activity that are all two-step directions. You can print these out and complete the directions, or you can use the Kami extension to do them online. The pictures are the same but the directions for both pages are different. 
Have a great day and enjoy the warmer weather. I don't know about all of you, but I am ready for warmer weather!!

Eye Spy Monster Game

Hi everyone! Today we will be looking for monsters. There are a couple different ways you can do this activity:
- You can print it out and use them as a fun way to work on your speech sounds. You can practice your sound 5 or 10 times and then try to play a matching game where you describe the monster you have
-You don't have to print this. The student can play "I Spy" by describing the monster they want you to find on each page. Make sure they give good descriptions (color, size, how many eyes, how many teeth, hair, horns, etc.)
-You can also compare the monsters. Who has more eyes? Who has the most? Who has the least? 
Comparing and contrasting items is a GREAT way to build language. It makes the connection between new items, and thing you have learned in the past, and how they may be the same or different.
Have fun. Miss you all!!! 


Hi everyone. My apologies for the late post. Today, you will be using comparative and superlatives to compare items to one another. You can find the document here. You can use the word bank on the right side of the document to answer the questions. Parents, you will definitely need to help facilitate this. Hope everyone is well! 

Spring Time Idioms

Hi everyone! 
Today, we have an inference activity. Idioms are a great way to practice inference skills with many students. Kids with autism and general language delays can benefit from these activities. You can pick a page a day or even a few per day to practice. Feel free to print this out and make it into a flashcard activity. Whatever works best for your family. Have a great Friday! 

Who doesn't like ice cream???

Hi everyone! 
The sun is shining today so let's say it's a great day for ice cream! Today, I have an articulation activity. It targets the following sounds: TH, L and L-blends, S and S-blends, Z, SH, CH, CVC words, and R. If your student is working on the sound in phrases or sentences, you can easily do that. Feel free to print them and color the pictures or just open them on the computer. I would like to see the students do each word/phrase/sentence five times, correctly before moving on to the next. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Social Skills activities and resources

Hello everyone! 
Today I am putting up quite a few social skills activities and resources that I have found particularly helpful for a lot of my students. There are seven different documents in this folder that I will share with you. This link will take you to a google drive folder that I've placed all the documents in. A brief description of each document is below:
  • a great way to talk about different feelings and emotions and how you should react to each. Good for discovering new emotions or comparing and contrasting different emotions
Behavior Support 
  • This is a feelings volcano. You can print this out (preferred in color) for a self-assessment of behavior and emotions. In each area (1-5), you can name different coping strategies or things you can do when you are in each zone. It can be really hard to identify which zone you are in. Great way to have a conversation about each. 
How Big Is My Problem?
  • This can go hand in hand with the previous document to identify how big your problem is, and how you should react in each situation. Sometimes it's hard to know how to react to a certain situation. 
What Pushes Your Buttons?
  • This is a good resource for identifying what upsets you so that you can know your triggers. Good to have a conversation with the student because the student may not know exactly what upsets them or that they get angry about something. 
Anger Map
  • Very helpful way to self-assess when you are angry. This talks about what your face looks like, what you said, how did you behave, what happens to your body, other ways to handle your anger, what could you achieve with your anger, what you've learned, and what helps when you're angry. 
I Don't Like it When
  • This one you can print out a bunch of times and re-use. Just a good way to put in writing when you are unhappy about something or want to cry. 
Coping Skills
  • I absolutely LOVE this resource. This gives so many great options for how you can cope with different situations. Good way to figure out what calms you and gives great ideas for new activities when you are upset or stressed. 
Have fun and good luck with these. Please let me know if you have any questions! 

Baseball Articulation

I don't know about all of you but I REALLY miss baseball! 
Today we have an articulation activity that targets the CH, SH, TH, F, V, S, Z, R, Vocalic R, J, L, K, and G sounds. This one is super fun. You can find your sounds and fill your glove. You can work on words, phrases, sentences. If you can't print, use Kami to color them in. Have fun! 

Temporal Spring Directions

Hi Everyone! Today we have a tricky activity. This is a direction following activity where the student has to do some things before or after another. They can be really hard to review what it means to do something before or after something else. After a few practice runs, the student should try each one. You can do these right on the computer with no problem to save the printing. If you want to print, they are meant to be cut out and folded in half so you see they directions and they see the pictures. Enjoy the sunshine! 

Answering Yes and No Questions

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!!! Today we have a quick little language activity with answering yes and no questions. They start out really easy and then get a little harder with conditional questions (i.e. if/then). Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Granny Says Following Directions

Good morning everyone! Hope you enjoyed the sunshine that we had yesterday. It sure was beautiful! 
Today we have a direction following activity. You can print and cut these out and use them as flash cards or you can just have your kid do the activities on each card right from the PDF. Whatever works best for you at home. This one is nice because it's great for all ability levels. You can do 1, 2, or 3-step directions; as well as conditional directions (if, then). This is a fun and quick language activity. Hope everyone is safe and well. Miss you all! 

Multisyllabic Matching

Hi everyone! Today is going to be beautiful so make sure to get outside!!! Today is an articulation activity with multisyllable words. This can be hard for some of our kiddos that have articulation delays but this is a great opportunity to make sure that each sound is being made in each word. You can print double and play matching, use them as flash cards, or just use the PDF on your device to practice the words. The students can also find their sounds in the words and highlight them, so they can practice more than one skill at a time. Great way to get some quick and easy articulation practice in. Hope everyone is doing well! 

Where is Little Frog?

Hello! Today we have a book that you can read with your kiddos. It is called 'Where is Little Frog'. This story works on positional concepts. You can read the book through and answer the questions on each page. It also comes with pictures to cut out that you can do your own scenes and ask questions (i.e., where is the caterpillar, where is the snail, is the flower over or under the pond, etc.). Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday and was able to get outside! Have a great day! 

Who Question Cards

Good morning!
Today we have a 'wh' question activity with 'who' questions. Each question has an answer that follows. You can print it out, cut them apart, and then play matching with the different questions and answers, or you can do flash cards, or just ask the questions without the answers being available. This will depend on the student's ability level and the resources you have available. Let me know if you have any questions!