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Tips for Primary Readers


Our motto: 

Give me fifteen! 

15 Minutes a Day Goes a Long Way! 

Read Everyday 


  1. Ask your child to read to you (or you read to them.) Make the story come alive. Fill your voice with expression and add sound effects as you read. 
  1. Learning depends on repetition. It is good when children ask for favorites to be read again and again. 
  1. Try to make both reading the story and discussing it a positive experience. Ask questions about the book-both to show you are interested and to check your child’s comprehension. Encourage your child to read and talk about what they read. 
  1. Praise your child! Sincerely express how nice it was to share the reading experience. 
  1. Don’t underestimate your influence on your child’s attitude toward reading. 
  1. Point out letters and words that you run across in your daily life. 
  1. Play alphabet games. 
  1. Make writing materials available to your child and encourage their use. 
  1. Visit your local library on a regular basis and borrow a wide range of books and audio materials. Take part in activities the library provides for children. 
  1. Build a home library. 


      ** Above all: Read, Read, Re-read