School Closure Activities


Dear Families,

I hope you will find these resources useful. You can use these over the extended school closure to help with maintaining your child’s speech and language skills. If you have any questions about what they have been working on, please consult the IEP or progress notes that have been sent home, or you can always contact Mr. Riggle or Mrs. Schaal at the email addresses below and we would be happy to help in any way we can. Thank you and please stay safe!


Mr. Riggle and Mrs. Schaal

[email protected]              

[email protected]




Mommy Speech Therapy word lists

Home-Speech-Home word lists

Articulation activities by sound

Multisyllabic word lists (more comprehensive)

Multisyllabic word lists


Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary:

Scholastic Learn at Home

Language flash cards

Basic concepts scavenger hunt

Guess My Monster game (good for identifying, labeling, and describing attributes)


Receptive and Expressive grammar/sentence structure:

Grammar and Language - Mad Libs - Crazy Tales

Grammar and Language - Mad Libs - Mad Glibs

“Picture the Sentence HD Lite” app - $0.99


Receptive Language:

Hear Builder

“HB Following Directions” app – free

“Fun with Directions Lite” app – $0.99

“Autism iHelp - WH Questions” app – FREE but paid options, NOT just for Autism! Good for auditory comprehension (also many other apps made by this company, search ‘Autism iHelp’ to see the others)

Enchanted Learning crafts


Pragmatic/Social Language:

Social Skills activities

Social/Communication skills


Functional communication skills/assistive technology:

Functional Language resources

Signing Savvy



Stuttering Help resources

A special page for kids who stutter








How to get started on Seesaw

Here is a video to help you sign up and navigate use of Seesaw with your student.
You will need to choose "I'm a student" to access their journal.   
I can provide you with a text code if you can not get your QR code to work.  Please e-mail me or message me on Seesaw if you have already signed up. 
Thanks so much for your support!   

3/23/2020- Helpful hints for school closure activites

Introduction to speech and language activities.