School Closure Activities


Dear Families,

I hope you will find these resources useful. You can use these over the extended school closure to help with maintaining your child’s speech and language skills. If you have any questions about what they have been working on, please consult the IEP or progress notes that have been sent home, or you can always contact Mr. Riggle or Mrs. Schaal at the email addresses below and we would be happy to help in any way we can. Thank you and please stay safe!


Mr. Riggle and Mrs. Schaal

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Mommy Speech Therapy word lists

Home-Speech-Home word lists

Articulation activities by sound

Multisyllabic word lists (more comprehensive)

Multisyllabic word lists


Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary:

Scholastic Learn at Home

Language flash cards

Basic concepts scavenger hunt

Guess My Monster game (good for identifying, labeling, and describing attributes)


Receptive and Expressive grammar/sentence structure:

Grammar and Language - Mad Libs - Crazy Tales

Grammar and Language - Mad Libs - Mad Glibs

“Picture the Sentence HD Lite” app - $0.99


Receptive Language:

Hear Builder

“HB Following Directions” app – free

“Fun with Directions Lite” app – $0.99

“Autism iHelp - WH Questions” app – FREE but paid options, NOT just for Autism! Good for auditory comprehension (also many other apps made by this company, search ‘Autism iHelp’ to see the others)

Enchanted Learning crafts


Pragmatic/Social Language:

Social Skills activities

Social/Communication skills


Functional communication skills/assistive technology:

Functional Language resources

Signing Savvy



Stuttering Help resources

A special page for kids who stutter








Very Hungry Caterpillar - vocabulary and grammar

Listen to or read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"! The activities from are great for working on vocabulary and spoken grammar skills right along with the story. Youtube has read alouds of this and many other stories. If you do not have a certain book at home, this is a great way to find a book! Go to my previous post of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Speech & Language Activities" to access the vocabulary and grammar activities. The following link is a nice slide share of the book so your child can look for and practice using the grammar skills found in the book.

Very Hungry Caterpillar - articulation activities

Listen to or read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"! The activities from are great for working on articulation skills right along with the story. Youtube has read alouds of this and many other stories. If you do not have a certain book at home, this is a great way to find a book!

Get the facts! Infer and Predict - Pragmatic Language Lesson

Today's social activity looks at expanding predicting and inferencing skills.  Help guide your child's thinking.  The attached document will help guide your discussion about these three pictures/situations.  At school we brainstorm as a group to describe why the situation happened, what happened before this picture, and what is going to happen next. We also work on problem solving.  What can we "say or do" in this situation?  We practicing what we would say or what we would do in these given situations.  We practice as if those things were happening to your child and to another person. 

Articulation Distance Learning Calendars - April & May

Attached are quick daily activities that can be completed to work on your child's articulation.  Reach out to me if you have questions about the sounds your child should work on.  As always, you can reach me by e-mail or on Seesaw.  Seesaw  has been a fun way for us to communicate better.  If you have not already, please sign up!  

No printer or wanting to save your ink - Don't print - Try these writing tools

These easy worksheets become even easier when you can complete them right on a computer or other device.

4/15/20 - Vocabulary - Spring Categories

Happy Wednesday!  The sun is shining and flowers are blooming!  Name all the items on these pages.  Then color the plants on the first page and the vehicles on the second page. Last, talk about how the plants and vehicles are the same or different.   
I can easily send you this on Seesaw and you can draw right on your device (phone, tablet, or computer).  If you'd like me to send it to you on Seesaw, message me on there or e-mail me. 
You can also use the writing tools on your computer/tablet or try Kami to draw on these pdf sheets right on the chromebook screens. 

4/14/20 - Superhero Sentence Comprehension

Since our world is full of superheros (doctors, nurses, hospital staff, nursing home staff, grocery store workers, farmers, truck drivers, factory workers, and so many more) helping us all stay safe and healthy, here is a Superhero Sentence Comprehension activity.  You can read the sentence to your child and ask the question.  We are working on their listening, not their ability to read these.   
Repeat the sentences if needed or give your child  a choice of answers (e.g., hamburger or hot dog). 
If you choose to print it, you can play a matching game with two sheets.  Match the superheros and complete the cards. 
Not able to print or saving ink (I get it!), roll a dice or pull numbers 1-8 written on pieces of paper and go to the card and count to the __ card on that page.  There are 8 pictures per page. 
The attachments on my page below this one have strategies and visuals that can help your child.  Please e-mail me or send me a message on Seesaw with any questions! 

Wh- Questions Visual Supports

These visual supports may help if your child is confused on which "wh-" question they need to be answering.  Is it a "what" or "when" question ?  What information do they need to give for each type of "wh-" question?   

4/14/20 -Auditory Comprehension Strategies

Listed are some listening strategies.  These will help your child comprehend what they are hearing better. 
Repeating or paraphrasing (saying something a different way) the direction or auditory information will help.   
If this does not help, your child will need the direction or story being read aloud to be shortened into smaller parts. 
The kids are also told to "make a movie in your mind" or "picture it" (visualize) while they listen.  
Hope this helps! 

Color a Carrot - Articulation Practice

Here is a quick and easy way to practice your speech.  I would love to see your colorful carrots and your awesome practice!  Take a picture of it or send me audio of you practicing a bit on a Seesaw message.  Would love to see or hear from you!  You can follow this link and scroll down to your speech sound.  Then practice the words, sentences, or story that you choose!  Speech sound pictures
Parent(s)/Guardian(s) - Message me or e-mail if you're unsure of what sounds to work on.  

4/1/20 - Social Language - Emotions Check In/Out & Trying Something New

Life's routines, schedules, and expectations have greatly changed in the last few weeks. Change can be hard, especially for individuals with Autism. Expressing feelings and trying new things like on-line learning, Zoom calls, or not being able to go to favorite places, can be difficult. You and your child may find the visual supports in the "Emotions Check In/Out" and the "Plan and Prepare for Something New" circle form to be helpful. Please e-mail me with any questions!